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I got a lot of hits on my post “5 Types Of Wires Used For Vaping,” and since you liked it so much I decided to do a follow up to that post.

So we know about the 5 different types of wires (Kanthal, Titanium, Nichrome, Nickel, and Stainless Steel), now which one is the best out of the four?

Which wire will give you the best vapor and best flavor out of all the wires? Yeah, I guess a lot of you out there are itching to know the answer to that one.

Wait no longer as I give my answer to what the best wire for vaping is and why.

Two wires that didn’t make it

Before I give you the top wire out of the 5, let me give you two wires that didn’t make it and why.

After some research, I found out…

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Why choose a Temperature Control MOD ?

innokin cool fire 5

What is Temperature Control ?

The temperature control function on your MOD allows you simply to preset the temperature of the coil in Celeius or Fahrenheit. The coils will then not exceed this setting when vaping allowing for a much greater degree of control over your vaping experience and more finate accuracy and consistency.

Once the temperature is set for the coils they do not exceed this limit and the MOD cuts out before it goes higher, this adds both a degree of safety to vaping at higher limits and no matter what your style of vaping (MTL or huge clouds) you can find a setting to suit.

An analogy we have herd and really like is ” it’s like a car with cruise control, it stays the same whether you go up hills or on the flat”

How does temperature control work ?

The TC Mod reads the resistance of the coils ( like normal wattage mode) before you vape and then continues to monitor this as the heat increases. Now as certain metals (in coils) heat predictably the MOD can then calculate this using the temperature setting and convert it as the resistance rises to the temp set. This will then keep your coil at (very near) the chosen temperature.

However not all metals are suited to this- Kanthels properties for example keeps a static resistance regardless of the temperature and therefore is no good for TC MODs.

Material or coils suitable are currently  Nickel (NI200)  Titanium stainless steel and now ceramic so you must ensure that you are using either pre built coils or wire of these types to be compatible with Temperature control MODS.

Advantages of temperature control

So is it really worth it ? Well this is a personal subject as some more advanced vapers consider it unnecessary if you know your stuff, however  it does mean the elimination of Dry hits, a particularly nasty burnt throat hit as the MOD will cut out before it gets to this point.

Safety is another plus point (especially for those starting out) as we are heating elements with a battery and placing them near our face, it’s essential that we are doing it safely. Temperature control offers a method of preventing over heating which is where problems occur. It has also been show that inhaling burnt cotton gives off harmful substances another thing TC prevents, so  essentially TC could be considered a safety feature as well as a modern advancement in vaping pleasure.

Another advantage is coil life, as we are preventing dry hits and not over heating the coils or singing the wicks, as coils are now heated more precisely we can expect longer life and performance from them. This goes for battery life too.


innokin tc coils

It was at one point TC was a new feature and coils hard to come by, but this is not the case now, many MODs offer a TC mode and all the major manufactures offer packs of coils in  Nickel (ni200) stainless steel (SS) and titanium (Ti)  you just install and vape. There are also plenty of manufactures offering wire and pre built coils for rebuilding in these metals too.

A note on Ceramic coils- Instead of using cotton as the wicking material, the Ceramic coil uses ceramic as it’s wicking material for a longer life and are also suitable for TC modes on some units- (this warrants an extra  blog post coming soon)


Temperature control MODs- The Cool fire TC 100w kit from Innokin

There are so many  great value MODs and kits on the market now and as we do with all our posts we like to give you an example of a good industry rated piece of equipment and give them an Ecigjuiced star rating, this weeks is the The Cool fire TC 100w Kit from Innokin


With a temperature range from 150 C- 315 C / 300 F-600 F 100 watts and a 3300 Mah battery. The advanced athon chip set offers extreme accuracy and real power.. Included in the kit is Innokins latest 3.8 ml Vortex i sub tank.

This comes as a mod on its own or as a kit and comes with a full range of TC modes and will take all 3 materials mentioned with the ideal coil settings ranges included in the instructions (nice touch).

innokin 100w.jpg


Star value rating-

Before we give this our star rating we would like to reassure beginners or starters to this type of vaping that this is a great starter kit, it works perfectly well as an every day simple wattage mode MOD kit, has a 510 thread so is compatible with 90% of tanks on the market and does not have to be used with the TC function if you don’t wish too, it could be something you progress too later.

So for functionality style (comes in 4 great colours) a full range of TC modes and value, these kits range from £55-60 we give it a big fat 4.5 stars. (It needs a higher wattage to appeal to the more advanced vapers and gain that extra half star.)

4.5 stars4.5 STARS

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To Squonk or not to squonk ?

kanger drip b

Welcome to the world of Squonk-ing

What is squonking you ask ?, well glad you asked as this is what this post is all about and we are going to use the massive 160 Watt Drip box from Kanger tech as our example as we just love it……

What is Squonking ?

The official definition of Squonking is “a form of vaping that alters the eliquid delivery mechanism. Instead of a tank relying on vacuum to slowly replenish the wicking material, and instead of dripping eliquid into the top of a dripper, we have a third method. The eliquid can enter the rda from the bottom!”

The method involves squeezing a plastic juice tank holding 7ml of your favorite liquid to push it up into the RDA.

Advantages of squonking

The main advantage has to be convenience, if your like many vapers, you are enjoying the hobby of building your own coils and are probably using a little more e juice by now and whilst dripping is super fun, it is a tricky one out and about. With a squonk box like the new Kanger 160 w drip box starter kit above you can transport 7 ml of bad blood for example and with 0ne quick squeeze have a dripping experience of epic proportions without fiddling once. Also if you want to go back to a pure dripping experience you can as the RDA works like any other as a top dripper. And for extra convience you can  either enjoy a rebuild or simply replace with kangers prebuilt drip box coils.

DIsadvantages of squonking

let us know ! OK it does come as a kit and is only not compatable with other RDAs due to the delivery system. But thats ok who only has one MOD set up anyway ?

Kanger Tech Drip box starter kit Specification

So this beast of a kit is an upgrade from the previous 60 w drip box so now has over double the wattage which make it’s appeal a lot wider, it has 3 temperature control coil settings: Ni200 / Ti / SS / Ni-Chrome and wattage up to 160 w with plenty of scope for finding that perfect vape. If you don’t fancy rebuilding today just pop in a pre built kanthel drip coil from kanger Tech around £8/£9 for a three pack.

It comes with 2 x 7 ml juice tanks which just screw easily into the bottom so you can carry 2 flavours and take 2 x 18650 batteries (sold separately)

The sub drip RDA has an easy RDA build deck so is great for those starting out and easy for those experienced looking for a simple build


Value rating

Whilst we understand this is not a kit for the most experienced out there who like the more complexities and challenge of rebuilding and tinkering, we think this kit does exactly what is says on the tin, it is an improvement on the previous model and yet not super expensive at around £55-£60, you get a lot in the kit for the money especially compared to buying vape accessories separately.


We are happy to give the kanger Tech Drip box 160 W starter kit a healthy 4.5 stars

4.5 starsFOUR.5 STARS


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The best Ecig beginners Kit- T18

T18 C

The T18 kit from Innokin 

“Our most successful starter kit for helping people stop smoking tobacco”



We are huge fans of Innokin products here at Ecigjuiced, so when they introduced their new shiny T18 Kits in 4 colours aimed at the starter market, we jumped on it and have not been disappointed. We did a post when they first came out on the spec and design, however we have been so impressed along with many of our customers, we thought it worthy of an update.

It is currently one of our best selling kits which was originally aimed at the beginners market, however what we have seen is an increase in people “upgrading” to the T18 from more basic stater modals to give them more power, vape and convenience. It really does offer more and at an exceptional price around the £24.99 mark.


We have been offering the T18 for sale on line and in our Gloucestershire shop in Hartpury for a number of months now, so have been able to trial this kit to destruction and have received plenty of feedback from customers. The out come has been really positive with comments such as “much better flavour” & “loads of vapour”.or “better hits”  The prism coils are long lasting and great value too.

Our biggest concern was the 1000 mah battery running a constant 14 watts of power and how this would perform, well reports from many different types of smoker have suggested that it lasts between 10 and 14 hours which is impressive and whilst we have advised carrying spares, many have not needed to do this.


We think one of the biggest selling points of this kit is it is so easy to use, many people new to vaping can be overwhelmed by the technology involved in Ecigs, however Innokins T18 is extremely well thought out. The easy fill top fill tank and pass though bottom mini USB charging port means no unscrewing or spillages, the packaging even comes with a pictogram to make it extra simple.

t18 k



One of the most important aspects of using Ecigs is safety and this is one of the reasons we love Innokin so much, as a long established business, they have a long track record of proven safe products on the market and this goes for this kit too with over heat safety precautions and TPD standard kits now on sale (many other products do also offer this).



When considering your first or even upgrading your first ecig kit, we would highly recommend you give the Innokin T18 kit a go. For performance, durability and value we give this kit a strong 4.5 star rating as there are kits out there with longer battery life we couldn’t give it the full 5, however you may pay a lot more and not get something quite as good.

4.5 stars

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Sub Ohm Tanks- Some of the best



Right you have done you research and decided a sub Ohm tank is what you need in your life- Brilliant just need to decide which one now ?

No problem we have gathered the latest spec on some of the most popular tanks on the market and put it all in one place so you can compare performance, capacity and added a star value rating to help you decide. here goes…..

The Kanger Tech Minivape clouds

The Innokin Isub Apex

The Uwell Crown

The Sense Herakles Plus

The TFV8 Cloud Beast


subtank mini best ecig 1Kanger Tech- MINI- Kanger Tech has brought many tanks to market being one of the first to appear on the market with a series of great sub ohm products that have steadily improved over time, the one we love is their Sub Tank Mini

Specification- This tank can take a large variety of coils thanks to the specialist range of coils available from Kanger Including   OCC’s SSOCC, Ni200, Claptons, & ceramic in a variety of Ohms to perfect your experience. What we like about this one is the huge variation in airflow from quite tight to large airy adjustable in small increments, now that’s adding value.  This tank also comes with a RDA coil, offering something for everyone.

Capacity –With a large 4.5 ml Capacity and the enhanced airflow system, you get a great hybird tank for your money, and as a sub Ohm tank it performs brilliantly delivering a constantly cool vape and rich flavour time & time again, the 0.5 coils are long lasting too and good value for money working out between £2 and £3 each, the only point loosing mark would be it is a bottom fill.

Value rating- Whilst it is not the cheapest tank on the market you do get a lot for your money with a mini screw driver, an RDA & a 0.5 & 1.2 ohm coil spare seals and screws.

4 stars






 Innokin Isub Apex

We are really big fans of all the Innokin products and really love this tank in the Isub series, perfect for mouth to lung vaping, this tank produces deep rich clouds and mixed with good quality E liquid great hits too. It has some pretty good features as well: a top spin refill system with raised airflow to minimise leaking and maximise performance. Engineered for durability (this is a tough little tank).It comes with 0.5 Ohm coils and a spare glass drip tip which is a nice touch.

Capacity- There are some down sides tho, this is a fairly small capicity tank compared to some at just 3 ml and to make it a sleek solid piece, they have designed it so you can’t pull it apart which makes cleaning a bit fidderly, but we think its worth it for the other benifits

Value rating– At Between £23 and £25 this is a good value tank, however it’s not in budget range

4 stars



uwell colours


Uwell Crown-

This beautiful looking piece of engineering gets a star just for it’s looks alone as it’s design feels like it should be a part from a Harley Davidson rather than a vape tank, however it’s not just about good looks, this newish kid on the block is quite different to the others mentioned so far. From a performance point of view it seems a more advanced tank compared to the others in that it really only starts to perform at much higher wattage’s with a click airflow system running dual coils 0.25, 0.5 or Ni200s,  that all provide a different but very warm very airy vape and good hits when combined with even the smoothest E liquid. It has a neat top or bottom fill feature and is comes with an enormous drip tip for huge clouds.

Capicity-  With A large 4 ml capacity this tank feels a lot bigger and will suit larger MODs ascetically, maybe the steam punk for instance.

Value rating- At price points from £18-21, this is our best value for money sub tank in our research. This is a highly sought after tank in the ecig industry and scores a big fat 4.5 stars from us.

4.5 stars





HeraklesSense Herakles plus

This is the upgraded version from the Herakles Sense and what an upgrade, with improved adjustable airflow on both top an bottom, this is truly a high end tank designed to handle up to     100w, it comes with low 0.2 and 0.4Ohm coils for performance similar to that of a DIY atomiser. With a new wrapped coil design, this tank has impressed all of our customers who have tried it.

Capacity The Herakles (super name btw) is also one of more robust tanks with a large 3.6 ml capacity and looks great in the black finish.

Value rating- At prices varying from £23-£26 it is super value for a sub ohm tank of this callable and earns a good 4.5 stars from us

4.5 stars




smok 1SMOK TFV8-  We have left the best and the newest for last, this aptly named “The cloud beast” certainly lives up to it’s name, it is a beast of tank advancing on the new  innovation from SMOKs hugely successful TFV4 and WOW we are impressed.



Performance from the revolutionary triple separate coil heads creates ideal heat insulation for each to achieve pure taste and cloud production heaven.(we never considered competition till now). This beast just keep performing and should really be in a league of it’s own as it is at the top end of the sub Ohm tank market.

The Coils (known as turbo engines). There are 3 of the beasts all patented plus a  huge RDA which all provide a truly unique experience all designed to cope with top end wattage’s 150 W-180 W., this tank is not for the timid or those starting out as another level of costs come with this beast too, but it will change the way you think about sub Om tanks forever.

Coils available

1) V8T8- 0.15 Octuple coil 2) V8T6- 0.2 Sextuple 3) V8Q4- 0.15ohm Quadruple coil

4)RBA 18mm large deck patented fuse

Capacity- If we thought the Uwell was a pretty tank then this is supermodel status although the humongous Derlin drip tip would get a makeover from us. The top swivel filling cap is a nice touch too.  As everything else about it is huge, we are not surprised by the massive 6 ml capacity which you do need as this is a thirsy beast.

Value rating- This was an easy one, we actually have nothing bad to say about this tank an easy beastly 5 stars from us.

5 stars







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Coils,Coils,Coils The basics

occ coil x2 - Copy

Found yourself in your local specialist e cigarette shop needing replacement coils for your new device thingy? Then the sales guy says to you which type, for what tank and which resistance would you like?

If you start to sweat at this point and feel the desire to run out screaming get me a fag don’t despair read on………….


This is a very vast subject, to much to fit into one blog post, so we are just going to cover some basics here for now, enough to enable you to answer those above questions without panic and help you on your way to a better vaping experience.

Covered in this post

  1. Coil types
  2. Coils resistances 1.2 ohm/ 0.5 ohm
  3. A note on E liquid
  4. Summery


Coil Types 

As you may have gathered by now for as many tanks (series of tanks) on the market there are coils available and within this they are many many resistances of coil, so how the heck do you choose the best one for you?

Well the simple answer is to choose the one that gives you the experience you favour ! To help you with this some basic understanding is necessary on the types of coils available and what they offer. In this post we will be using the Kanger Tech series of coils for use with their sub tanks as examples….

OCC- Organic Cotton Coils- The first ones to become popular in the sub ohm market, with many upgrades since, however are still used by many, there are 2 types:vertical and horizontal (the way the wire is wrapped) which is said to affect the way the juice is absorbed (vertical is said to improve this)

SSOCC- Stainless Steel Organic cotton Coils- The second in the Kanger tech series made as the name suggests from stainless steel casing with the wire made from Nichrome, these upgraded coils will take more wattage without burning out so quickly and are now cylinder shaped in stead of square (again all about absorption and e liquid delivery)

SSOCC Clapton- Similar to the previous coils except they  consist of a base wire, with a thinner gauge of wire wrapped around it, allowing for a greater surface area and improved vapour and flavour production.

SSOCC Ni200- These coils are designed for use with temperature control Mods that have circuit boards to run them, These coils also last significantly longer than previous models and other coils, offering a larger heating surface area, and making them ideal for vaping with the more powerful mods. They cannot be used on non temp control mods.

Ceramic coil- Instead of using cotton as the wicking material, the Ceramic coil uses ceramic as it’s wicking material, for a longer life and great flavour and vape production again at higher wattage’s.


Coil resistances.

As you may or may not know coils do not just come in different material types but also different resistances, we are going to discuss briefly the 2 main popular types without  getting into the serious world of sub ohm vaping.

1.2 Ohm (or above 1 ohm)- These coils are best suited to starters or those looking for a close sensation to actual real life smoking (mouth to lung) These run at lower wattage’s and power outputs and are generally used with lower power batteries and high PG E liquids (PG:VG Blog) . 1.2 ohm is common, but some starter kits are running much higher 1.8 and even 2.1 ohm coils, this means they last much longer and have less chance of burning out quickly, disadvantages are much less vapour and smaller hits are achieved from the higher Ohms


0.5 ohm (under 1.0 ohm)- Now these are in a separate class and are not trying to simulate the sensation of smoking but are all about vapour production, (direct to lung) they need much higher power batteries to run them and as they allow much greater amounts of heat though they will burn out quicker and do not last as long, most people using these coils have conquered their nicotine addiction and are using vapeing for pleasure.


A note on E liquid.

So if you are following me so far, it will come as no surprise that as there are two vastly different ways of vaping, there are  different types (mix’s) of e liquids that suit each method better.


Most e liquids have 4 main ingredients: propylene glycol,vegetable glycerin, nicotine and food flavourings and it’s the PG:VG mix that makes the difference.

PG- designed to carry the flavour is thinner, users can use higher nicotine levels and suits the higher Ohm coils lower wattage’s batteries or mouth to lung (traditional smoker) vapers.

VG- Designed to carry the vapour is much thicker generally contains lower nicotine levels, suits the lower Ohm coils and higher wattage batteries (direct to lung) vapers

It is worth considering when you are choosing an e liquid what kit and coils you are using and what you are trying to achieve before you add expensive E liquids.


The subject of coils is a large one way outside the scope of this post, however we will post regularly and delve deeper into this complex world over time. In the mean time do as much research as you can around the subject as archiving the perfect vaping experience is about many things one of the most important is safety and the more knowledge we can have the less chance of problems on your journey.


Thank you for reading

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Mc flavors E liquids 100% Natural


      GRAS Certified

Generally recognised as safe E liquids


mcflsvours leaf

Mc flavours are a new range of e juice to the UK e cigarette market that have got us all excited, manufactured in Italy, they are making waves as one of the first e liquid companies to have released a range of natural e liquids using a patented formula with a natural glycol alternative, meaning they are a 100% natural product.

So what are the benefits ?

Mc flavours E liquids are manufactured with out a trace of PG (Propylence Glycol), It’s not that we are against PG, however some vapers have been shown to be allergic to or report signs of irritation though it’s use. Mc flavours have designed their e liquids with a PD formula which is a natural glycol alternative which eliminates this. This is great news for so many who are using e cigarettes as a quitting tobacco method and struggling. Reported symptoms of irritations are coughing, tickle throats and tight chests which all disappear when the PG is removed.

Consistency in flavour without overpowering or making it too strong to vape has also been a large part of formulation of these liquids, it’s no good providing a natural alternative only to find its tastes rubbish, thank fully this is not the case as all in the small range of flavours really do taste fantastic and are considered perfect as an all day vape.


mcflavours mint-500x500mcflavous-coffee-500x500mcflavours aniseed

Mc flavours are completely innovative product, As published they are 100% natural products certified as GRAS (generally recognised as safe) and non allergic and on top of all this they uphold quality standards and certificates that can be viewed on their web site and see the facts for yourself. They are also eco friendly so nice to the planet as well.

What flavours are in the range ?

Mc flavours have produced a small collection that covers a lot of different tastes all with their own unique flavour profile.

Aniseed- spicy and sensual

Coffee- Pungent & Engaging

Strawberry- Fruity and light

Liquorice- A taste of the sublime aromatic

Mint- Fresh and subtle

Rum- A tangy kick

Vanillia- Oh so innocent & sweet

Red- Bold & rich

National- A taste of home

Virginia- A sublime warmth

For more in depth descriptions click on each of the links above.

Weather you have a sensitivity to PG or not, these range of e liquids are a delight to vape with the added feel good factor as a natural eco friendly product, they are not a bad price either at £9.99 for 20 ml and come in 3 variations of nicotine strengths, what are you waiting for give um a go you wont be disappointed……


Thank you for reading, please share with others you think may be interested

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